Israel Bonds Rates April 15-30 2024

Invest in Israel bonds to provide the nation with financial resources.

"Support Israel Through Israel Bonds!"

Israeli President Isaac Herzog is rallying for unwavering support for the Jewish state and emphasizes the crucial role of Israel Bonds during this time of conflict and war.

What is an Israel Bond?

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An Israel Bond is a loan you can make to the State of Israel. Once you make the loan, the State of Israel issues a bond to you.

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In return for the loan, the State of Israel agrees to pay interest to you, the bondholder, and repay the loan at the end of its term.

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Israel uses the loaned money to help strengthen almost every part of its modern, innovative and diverse economy.

What can you do with an Israel Bond?


Diversify your Investment Portfolio

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Maximize your Self‑Directed RRSP, TFSA, RESP, RDSP and Cash Account

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Enrich your Family Foundation or Pension Plan

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Hold a bond jointly with your spouse or another loved one


Celebrate With Our Most Popular Gift Bonds

Celebrate a holiday, mark a milestone, or applaud an achievement

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eMazel Tov Bond

  • Available in CDN or US currency.
  • Starting at $36.
  • Multiples of $1 can be added at the time of purchase.
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Mazel Tov Bond

  • Available in CDN or US currency.
  • Starting at $100.
  • Multiples of $1 can be added at the time of purchase.
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Donate to Charities and Non‑Profits

Israel Bond’s newest and most creative bond, the Shalom Savings Bond, offers a unique opportunity to double the impact of a single donation. When you donate an Israel Bond...


your favourite charities benefit;


Israel benefits;


your charity gets the full face value of the bond plus interest.

How to Invest

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Invest as an

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Invest as an

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Invest through a
Brokerage Account

TFSA Israel Bonds

Don't just save your money in your TFSA...

INVEST in Israel Bonds and you can earn tax‑free interest income*