Redeem your Israel bonds

The time has come to return money borrowed from you in full and on time and we are proud to do so.

We thank you for your loyal and trusted business and look forward to continuing to service your Israel bonds needs.

"Book entry" Israel bonds do not require a redemption process. If you hold a book entry Israel bond, you will receive an automatic payment by cheque in mail or by direct deposit ($CAD Israel bonds only) upon the maturity of the bond. Please ensure your records are up to date with your local Israel Bonds office.

"Certificated" Israel bonds do require a redemption process. To redeem your Israel bond certificate(s), please fill out our redemption form and return it along with your original Israel bond certificate(s) to your local Israel Bonds office.


For reinvestment opportunities, please call your local Israel Bonds office and one of our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help guide you with all necessary information regarding a successful reinvestment.

See example below of an Israel bond certificate:

Israel bond certificate (one example – 4% - 15 year Israel bond)

Israel Bonds Vintage Certificate - Redeem