Israel Bonds Bar Bat Mitzvah School Program

What is the Israel Bonds
Bar & Bat Mitzvah program?

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Launched in 2002, this Jewish Day School program gives Bar & Bat Mitzvah aged students the opportunity to become direct supporters of the State of Israel with Israel Bonds.

Linking a Bar & Bat Mitzvah to the mitzvah of Binyan Haaretz — Building the Land of Israel — has proven to be an idea that has grown in popularity over the years.

Young people who participate in this program often share their pride in knowing that owning Israel bonds is partnering with a nation that is pushing the boundaries of life-saving innovations in hi-tech, green-tech, clean-tech and biotechnology.

Many students and parents also find it meaningful to strengthen a nation that shares so many core Canadian ideals and values - reverence for human life; an open and vibrant democracy and an unshakable commitment to building a society where peace and prosperity can flourish.

How does the Bar & Bat Mitzvah program work?

After learning about Israel Bonds products and offerings from your Israel Bonds Representative, each participating family chooses and agrees to contribute a fixed amount that is designated for that year’s Israel Bonds Bar Bat Mitzvah Program.

Here is one example. Amounts may vary from school to school based on preferences of the organizing committees:

Israel Bonds Bar & Bat Mitzvah program




Israel Bonds Bar & Bat Mitzvah program




Israel Bonds Bar & Bat Mitzvah program
Israel Bonds Bar & Bat Mitzvah program

*All questions about Israel Bonds products and terms, should be directed to your Israel Bonds representative

How wonderful to have Israel Bonds at the heart of the celebration!

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The State of Israel benefits from every single individual investor


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Students are united in a meaningful commemoration of their Bar & Bat Mitzvah year


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By becoming Israel bondholders, students are empowered knowing that they are direct investors in the State of Israel


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Students learn about investing and the importance of saving money


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