Israel Bonds Bar Bat Mitzvah School Program
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Thank you for volunteering your time and energy!

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Program

Step by Step


Arrange a convenient date for a presentation to the students and/or parents by an Israel Bonds Representative



Send an introductory email to the parents with:

  • Link to the Israel Bonds Bar & Bat Mitzvah Program (
  • Instructions on how to participate in the program co-signed by an Israel Bonds Representative along with a participation form

Send a follow up email to the parents of participating students with a deadline for completing the participation form and collecting payments.

Final payment will be submitted to your Israel Bonds Representative.



Once all payment and information has been collected and forwarded to Israel Bonds, send a thank you letter to the parents for their participation co-signed with your Israel Bonds Representative.


Here is what you need to submit Israel Bonds:

  • A complete list of the participating students (by email). You can download the following link to a sample spreadsheet.
  • Payment(s) from all participants (by mail or in person).

Cheque(s) should be made payable to the “State of Israel”


Israel Bonds/Canada-Israel Securities, Limited
Attention: Bar & Bat Mitzvah Program
1120 Finch Ave W., Suite 801
Toronto, ON M3J 3H7

1.866.543.3351 |



Once the bonds are purchased, each participating student will receive:

  • A customized certificate from Israel Bonds with the student’s name along with a complete list all participating classmates’ names (see sample certificates below).
  • A confirmation statement from Computershare Trust Company of Canada (the State of Israel’s fiscal agent).



Arrange with your Israel Bonds Representative an appreciation party date when the certificates can be distributed to the class.

Choose one of the following Israel Bonds Bar & Bat Mitzvah program certificates for your school:

Click or touch to enlarge

Please note, the certificates are printed on 8.5 x 11 hard stock glossy paper.

Envelopes are provided.


1.866.543.3351 |