Canada-Israel Securities, Limited/Israel Bonds Canada held its 2022 Annual General Meeting on May 31, 2022, at Beth Sholom Synagogue Toronto.

Thanks to all who attended, including Consul General Idit Shamir;  Israel Bonds’ Global President & CEO, Dani Naveh; Israel Bonds Canada’s Rabbinic Chair, Rabbi Aaron Flanzraich; and Managing Director and Deputy Chief Economist at CIBC Capital Markets Inc., Benjamin Tal, who presented a timely & engaging economic overview.

Our vision is where every member of our community is a stakeholder in the State of Israel with an investment in Israel Bonds. As Canadians, we can be proud in the knowledge that we are a strong committed Zionist community, but we need to ensure that this same commitment is passed through to the next generations. Every investment in Israel Bonds makes that statement – ‘I am committed to Israel and am showing it with my investment dollars!’ We hope that you will keep this in mind when considering your next investments,” said Raquel Benzacar Savatti, CEO, Canada-Israel Securities, Limited / Israel Bonds

Photos courtesy of Liora Kogan