The importance of buying an Israel Bonds to mark Rosh Hashanah 5782

This is a story – our story - about a love affair of a people and a land, and of generations of supporters who invested in that land, built it, protected it and will continue to do so.

Today, in a time of worrisome anti-Semitism online and even on our streets, Israel is truly our Magen - our shield – our defender and our protector.

Israel’s Accountant General, Yali Rothenberg, stated that one of Israel’s strongest assets is the number of people who partner with Israel by holding an Israel bond.

How can we come together as one national community to help strengthen this partnership?

This year’s goal is to have 10,000 people across Canada to bond with Israel by purchasing an Israel bond.

This year, it isn’t about large sales – it is, powerfully, about the people and the number of people who choose to stand with Israel by buying an Israel bond.  And now, you can now buy a bond for yourself or as a gift for a loved one for as little as $36.

Our investments remind us that a strong State of Israel is central to our lives. Beyond rates of return, our bond with Israel is a return on investment that is enduring and necessary.

Join thousands of investors across Canada and around the world who are choosing to buy Israel bonds at this meaningful time in our year, reaffirming that when action is required, we will act.

Thank you again for continuing our 70-year tradition of strengthening Israel – the only Jewish homeland that we have.

For more information, contact:

Toronto & GTA — Shaindy Nathanson: 416.789.3351 Ext. 144 or

Montréal & Québec Region — Gilda Abdulezer: 514.482.0427 Ext. 361 or

Ottawa & Atlantic Canada — Marcia Cantor: 613.792.1142 Ext. 181 or

Winnipeg — Ariel Karabelnicoff: 416.789.3351 Ext. 139 or

Calgary & Edmonton — Phyllis D'Aguiar: 403.910.5575 or

Vancouver — Ross Sadoff: 604.266.7210 Ext. 342 or