Golda Meir Cicle 2017 logo Israel Bonds Golda Meir Leadership Award Reception

On May 11th, 2017, we gathered to honour Leslie Gales as our Golda Meir Leadership Award Recipient.

This Award is the highest honour presented by Israel Bonds to outstanding women who have distinguished themselves in their chosen field and in support of Israel.

Also recognized were Kesher Award Recipients Lisa Morrison, Joy Wagner Arbus & Susan Stern.
This honour is presented by Israel Bonds to remarkable role models in our community who have demonstrated their support of their community with their dedication, hard work, and unbreakable connection to the State of Israel.

Over 400 distinguished guests, including Consul General Galit Baram and the Global CEO of Israel Bonds, Israel Maimon, gathered at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel in Yorkville to celebrate the occasion.

Thank you to Laura Orzy, Chair of Women's Division as well as Event Co-Chairs Kiki & Ian Delaney Brenlee, Gurvey Gales & Allen Gales, Jennifer & Jesse Brodlieb, Lesley Glowinsky Saguy & Jonathan Saguy.

We are proud to announce that, to date, sales of Israel bonds for this event have surpassed $2.6 million (encompassing purchases and indications to purchase).



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