_Lisa Brookman May 25 2020

Women’s Division Launches New Speaker Series,
Speaking of Life, with Lisa Brookman

On May 25th 2020, Israel Bonds Women’s Division had its inaugural ‘Speaking of Life’ event featuring Lisa Brookman, MSW, PSW, t.s., co-director of the West Island Therapy and Wellness Centre, a private Canadian clinic promoting mental health and wellness.

In opening the event, Brenlee Gurvey Gales, Chair of Women’s Division Toronto, said, “In these unprecedented times, perhaps you have done some reflections and self reflection. We're so pleased to have an expert here with us today.”

Thanks and Q&A’s were deftly moderated by Kimberly Cohen, member of the Toronto Women’s Division Committee and CEO of Brown & Cohen Communications & Public Affairs Inc.

Raquel Benzacar Savatti, the CEO of Canada-Israel Securities, Limited/Israel Bonds in Canada, reminded guests about the quality and track record of Israel Bonds.

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Lisa Brookman began her presentation saying by thanking Women’s Division, “I am thrilled and honoured to be spending the next hour with all of you and to be part of the Israel Bonds Women’s Division Speaker Series. Nothing inspires me more than to be surrounded by a strong, empowered group of women. I am beyond thrilled and impressed to see your strong sense of community and sisterhood.”

After briefly describing part of her journey towards personal empowerment, Lisa offered her wisdom and professional knowledge.

“My mission today is to encourage you amongst the craziness of today's world to pivot your sense of purpose and make sure that you tend to your own needs while giving back to others. I'm all about finding the silver lining and making our own needs count.

“The most important thing I've learned on this journey is that we will reach many forks in the road. We don't know where the paths may lead, and one path is not necessarily better than the other, but life is all about choices. The path we chose may have some challenging terrain, and some bumps along the way. It may even be hard to navigate, but if we learn to embrace and accept them, pivot ourselves when necessary, and then keep going, our path will eventually lead us to a bright and meaningful future.”

Speaking on how the current pandemic has affected overall mental health, Lisa went on to say, “COVID-19 has been an eye-opener for many – it’s been scary and unpredictable, but we have the power to take control and make change. If we look deep, we may see simple steps we can take to pivot our purpose, and to create a new sense of balance, strength and meaning.

“Pivoting your purpose is exciting, and important and we do have choices even amongst the chaos.”



Special thanks to all members of the Israel Bonds Women’s Division for organizing this first ‘Speaking of Life’ event, and to Laura Orzy, Chair of Israel Bonds Women’s Division International, for joining us from Israel.