2014 / 5775 Israel Bonds Canada High Holy Day Campaign Resource Manual

Important ways the Rabbi can enhance a High Holy Day campaign

Recommend an exceptional, i.e. dependable, creative, outgoing, energetic, congregational Israel Bonds chairperson.

Make sure congregational leadership knows you desire a successful campaign and encourage Members of the Board to demonstrate leadership by making an indication to invest – announce % of board participation during the campaign.

Schedule the campaign at a time during services when the seats are filled.

Speak to your congregation about your love for Israel and personal support for Israel Bonds and set a 20% percent goal of increasing the number of members joining the campaign this year. Remind congregants that in many cases, Israel Bonds purchased in previous High Holy Day campaigns are about to mature. This represents an easy opportunity to reinvest these bonds and help each Synagogue stand proudly as a great supporter of Israel through Israel Bonds.

Distribute Israel Bonds High Holy Day email/ad to your member email list.

Tweet to your followers your support for Israel Bonds. Include Israel Bonds URL: www.israelbonds.ca on your Facebook wall.

Announce the upcoming campaign during Shabbat services, congregational events and in congregational publications. Continue with follow-up announcements in the weeks after the appeal.

Include Israel Bonds link on your congregation’s website.

Contact your local Israel Bonds office about creating a pre-High Holy Day campaign event to encourage investments and announce the sum and number of those investments during the Israel Bonds speech.

Mail “if you didn’t participate you still can” follow-up letter or email provided by Israel Bonds.

Invite Israel Bonds to sponsor an Oneg/Kiddush and speak to the congregation on Shabbat a few weeks prior to the campaign.

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