2014 / 5775 Israel Bonds Canada High Holy Day Campaign Resource Manual

Sample Pre High Holy Day letter from Rabbi or President to congregants

Our friends at Israel Bonds reported achieving a milestone this year. Total worldwide sales since the first Israel Bonds were sold in 1951 crossed the $36 billion mark! Since then, over $27 billion has matured and been repaid in full and on time.

Israel Bonds are attractive options for investment portfolios, retirement plans and savings. Since they were introduced 63 years ago, thousands of Synagogue members have invested, thereby strengthening, supporting, and connecting with Israel. Most of us, I am sure, learned about Israel Bonds from our parents and grandparents. Now it is our turn to act and to teach the next generation.

Our congregation supports Israel with prayers and programming throughout the year and on the High Holy Day we channel support for Israel through our Israel Bonds appeal. I urge you to make a personal and financial connection to Israel by participating in this year’s Israel Bonds Canada High Holy Day Campaign.

State of Israel Bonds emphasizes the message that Israel’s economy is stable, dynamic, and filled with ground-breaking entrepreneurship. This is a message that has resonated with Israel Bonds investors from across the spectrum to become stakeholders in one of the world's most resilient economies. Israel Bonds strengthen many sectors of Israel’s economy, building a nation of creative energy while at the same time providing a strong and reliable financial return to investors.

Please join me and other Israel supporters in our congregation on ______________ (insert date) for our annual High Holy Day Campaign and be a part of Israel’s growth and future.

Elan Levitan
VP Marketing
416.789.3351 ext. 125

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