2014 / 5775 Israel Bonds Canada High Holy Day Campaign Resource Manual

Conducting the campaign

1. Distribute Tab Cards.

The tab cards must get into the hands of the members of the congregation. We encourage you to review previous appeals and develop the most efficient plan and methods.

Don’t have a plan or want to upgrade? Contact Anat Bercovitch below.

2. Collect Tab Cards.

Your Israel Bonds representative will provide the congregation with collection boxes (Also known as “Ballot Boxes”).

At the conclusion of the appeal, schedule a few minutes for members of the appeal committee and other volunteers to walk slowly up and down the aisles of the sanctuary, holding collection boxes for members to insert their cards. Following the brief collection period, a few boxes should be placed in conspicuous locations in the synagogue – and their locations announced – for residual card drop-off.

3. Choose Your Israel Bonds Speaker.

The most effective appeal-giver is a person who can speak passionately and personally about Israel; someone whose personal experiences with Israel and Israel Bonds can help synagogue members connect with their primary and most meaningful Israel experiences.

Speakers who seek assistance preparing their remarks should contact Anat Bercovitch below.

4. Timing of the Appeal.

Your success is directly related to the number of seats occupied at the time of the appeal. It is recommended you conduct your appeal the first day of Rosh Hashanah (before noon), Kol Nidre (before the Rabbi speaks), or Yom Kippur (before Yizkor).

5. Before/After.

Pre-appeal events can boost the results of the appeal, as will bulletin articles, bimah announcements, and other reminders. Israel Bonds also has a full complement of digital marketing items available for your online bulletin and weekly communications, as well as email advertising, linking readers directly to www.israelbonds.ca

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VP Marketing
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