Women's Division Prime Minister’s Circle 2020
Women's Division Prime Minister’s Circle 2020 Pins

What is the Women’s Division Prime Minister’s Circle?

The Women’s Division Prime Minister’s Circle (PMC) is comprised of investors who purchase a minimum of $25,000 in Israel bonds every 2 years. In addition to enhancing their investment portfolios while advocating for a strong bond of connection with Israel, PMC members will be afforded entrée to unique social and networking opportunities and access to exclusive Israel Bonds events and top-level speakers.

Women’s Division celebrates your significant investments with the exclusive Prime Minister’s Circle Pin.

This 14K gold pin, representing Israel’s yasmin flower, symbolizes the ongoing efforts of women who support Israel’s growth and thriving economy by investing in Israel bonds. The flower is made up of yellow gold-beaded ovals. The centrepiece features the Israel Bonds logo, consisting of a white gold menorah set with diamonds (0.13 carats). The pin, which can also be worn as a pendant on a necklace, can be embellished with an additional full cut diamond of 0.10 carats when an investment in this category is made on an annual basis.

As of January 2020, the cost of the Prime Minister’s Circle Pin is approx. CAD $1,375 (including taxes and shipping). The cost for additional 0.10 carat diamonds is approx. CAD $100 per stone. Terms, conditions and pricing subject to change.

For more information and to order your pin contact:

Shaindy Nathanson
Director, Women's Division Toronto
shaindy.nathanson@israelbonds.ca | 416.789.3351 ext. 144


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