(Subject to change)

Sunday, 11th June

Opening Event


Monday, 12th June

  • Mindful Yoga on the Tel Aviv Beach
  • Roundtable with Israeli Women at the forefront of Medical Technology
  • Visit a unique Arts educational facility for at-risk youth
  • Lunch in Jaffa, followed by free time in the Jaffa Flea Market/Neve Zedek
  • Meet & Greet with senior Tel Aviv Municipal officials
  • Dinner, followed by a private event with guest speaker

Tuesday, 13th June

  • Morning walk on the new Tel Aviv Beach Promenade
  • Travel to Jerusalem
  • Meet & Greet with Jerusalem Municipal officials
  • Tour & Lunch at the Mahane Yeuda Gastronomic Stations
  • Tour of the Old City and City of David excavations
  • Meeting with Senior Government Officials
  • Private Evening in a Boutique Winery

Wednesday, 14th June

  • Breakfast
  • Travel to the North
  • Meet Women Combat Soldiers of the Iron Dome
  • Lunch near the Golan Heights
  • Private Briefing: Security issues at the Northern Border

Thursday, 15th June

  • Breakfast
  • Visit to the Fashion Centre
  • Lunch, with free time in Tel Aviv
  • Visit to a Hospital/Medical Startup

    Closing Event