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Jonathan Touboul from Paris

Jonathan Touboul

My 2020

In France, we started 2019 listening to financial experts saying the economy was normalizing, but the social and political landscape might bring uncertainty.

At the time I wrote this, France is currently facing yet another month of complete transportation shutdown, as one example.  And let’s not forget the escalation of antisemitism.

Will 2020 bring some relief?  Hard to answer, but amid so much that is unpredictable, we forge ahead, developing relationships.

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As a result, Israel Bonds in the European French-speaking regions saw real traction with engagement and activities.  We also paved the way for more on-the-ground activities, building on our momentum.

We are proud of a joint effort with our German colleagues that lead to a very prestigious Foundation becoming an investor.  We will work to expand this segment of business, but it clearly shows the results that come from bonding together and sharing resources.

The Foundation approach included help in the form of insight from our Lay Leaders. For the first time In France, we convened our first Lay Leader council meeting, a forum that we will develop in the year ahead.

Showing a strong local presence, with pan-European ties, is one of our strengths. An upcoming Women’s Division international delegation to Israel, along with an international delegation to Sofia, Bulgaria, and Israel, are two such examples.

After several challenging years and significant restructuring, our office is proud to have launched Women’s Division, with a stream of events already planned.  Just as important, we also established an enthusiastic New Leader initiative.

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Our Bar/Bat Mitzvah program with a prominent Synagogue in Paris is something we hope to expand to other Synagogues and even schools.

We do not underestimate the amount of work to be done but we are proud to be part of a dynamic organization and this drives us through this journey.

Our Chinese friends use one symbol that can be read either ‘crisis’ or ‘opportunity.’  It is our task to make of 2020 a year of creativity, innovation and, adaptability.  Opportunity is almost everywhere – we just have to see it and make it ours to win.


Jonathan Touboul the Director of Sales for France.

Plans and activities as stated in this article are specific to the City and/or Region of the writer.

Photo credit for Jonathan picture: Studio Maubeuge