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“In a world that people are looking for added value, we think that as a firm, the way we can add value…”

2019 by all accounts was a testing year for the United Kingdom, especially from a political landscape. Two Brexit delays, Conservative Leadership Contest, attempted proroguing of parliament and a very hard-fought General Election were just a snapshot of tasks that have been going on in Westminster.

2020 marks a new decade, and a new beginning for the UK. We still have a lot of uncertainty with Brexit looming and the upcoming negotiations that it would take to define our new relationship with our European friends and neighbours.

In the Israel Bonds office, we have our challenges also. 2019 was a great year, we had over 50% growth on the previous year – so of course we’ve set the bar quite highly for 2020. New initiatives from last year are being carried over and of course ramped up. Our biggest challenge is to make Bonds part of the culture for the UK. Our biggest wish for 2020 is to make Bonds the go-to gift for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and all sorts of life cycle events rather than gifting a cheque.

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This year, we have plans to expand our event offerings to provide content to more of our clients from all different interest groups and backgrounds. 2019 saw the launch of our Women’s Division and 2020 we plan for New Leadership and Christian Division events to feature alongside. In a world that people are looking for added value, we think that as a firm, the way we can add value to our clients is to bring interesting, relevant content to them to expand their own networks.

Everyone here at Israel Bonds is also excited to see plans to build internet purchases in Q4 of 2020, with the target of 2021 for the start of this offering – which is a great way to celebrate our 70th birthday!! This will be a watershed moment for us as we will be able to offer bonds starting at £36 – something we expect would be a very popular product in the UK.

Hope we all have a happy and successful new year from everyone at the UK Israel Bonds office!


Joe Ozer is the Executive Director of European Operations, residing in London.

Plans and activities as stated in this article are specific to the City and/or Region of the writer.