Dear Friends of Israel,

Following the recent ceasefire, we are all praying and hoping for a long period of calm and safety in Israel and the region.

Sadly, the barrage of missiles is not the only threat we are facing. The continuing barrage of antisemitism, online and on the streets in our communities, is toxic and pervasive. Often, the de-legitimisation of Israel is at its core.

What can we do?

One powerful and meaningful response is to purchase an Israel bond. More than ever, we can see that our investments in Israel bonds are about more than rates of return. They are more than a financial statement alone.

Our investments in Israel bonds make a statement that when Israel is in trouble and action is
required, we will act.

Our investments in Israel bonds make a statement that no weapon in any arsenal is as
strong as the will and the courage of the Jewish people.

Our investments in Israel bonds make a statement that we have an unshakeable bond that will not be broken by those who oppose Israel’s right to exist.

Our heartfelt bond with Israel is a return on investment that is enduring and necessary.

Today, we are privileged to be the generation with a strong State of Israel that is our magen – our shield.

Today, every one of us has the unique privilege of holding even a 100 Pound Israel bond. One by one, and bond by bond, to stand with Israel is our duty and our responsibility.

Please call us at the number listed. We look forward to speaking with you.



Joe Ozer
Executive Director for
The United Kingdom

Arnon Perlman
Executive Director for
International Sales and Operations

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