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How to Buy Online

One-Time Account Opening (For New Investors Only)

  • Before you make a purchase, you must open an account and register for online access here.
  • Follow the prompts and fill out the information.
    1. Please have at hand your country-relevant identification documents showing photo and/or address details – e.g. passport, driving license, EU ID card, or voter card. If the ID you are using does not display your address, you must also provide a recent utility bill or bank statement.
    2. Please situate yourself in a well-lit room with access to a webcam and/or smartphone in order to take photos, which ks for should be in portrait rather than landscape orientation.

Please be patient. This process should take only about 5-10 minutes, but if you need to leave your application and return to it another time, it will be saved where you left off.

Our compliance department will review your account opening request and will aim to have your account opened and approved within one business day.

To purchase a bond online

  1. If you have an existing online account, or once you have received email confirmation that your Israel Bonds account has been successfully opened, you can log in to your account and click to buy a bond in one of the different currencies available.
  2. After selecting the appropriate option, please answer the questions about your purchase.
  3. To send payment, please see the information below.

Payment information

  1. PayDirect: Available online only in the UK using Truelayer (see our FAQs for more information about Truelayer, the mechanism that will set up the one time transfer in your own online banking account for you.)
  2. Wire transfer from your bank account: Please follow the payment instructions below.


Payment information from outside the EU:

Payment information from inside the EU:


Terms & Conditions

Payments & Holdings


Privacy & Affiliates

You must determine the suitability of an investment in Bonds according to your own circumstances, and you should only consider investing if you have sufficient knowledge and experience to evaluate an investment in Israel Bonds; i.e. the merits, risks, and impact that an investment in Israel Bonds will have on your overall investment portfolio. In order to read all of these details, please download the prospectus (information memorandum and final terms documents) from our website at