An Israel bond is an investment in the Jewish homeland.

With each purchase of an Israel bond, the purchaser is helping to sustain and strengthen the State of Israel.

Long before Israel was established in 1948, supporters of the dream invested in Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel, hoping that the investment would help the dream be realized.

Today's Israel bonds are a continuation of the practice of investing in Israel that has been happening for generations, and with the ongoing participation of purchasers from around the world will continue for generations to come.

This exhibit brings together photographs of historical investment certificates from the Herzl and Zionism Collection of David Matlow.

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If you know any of the dates for certificates in the undated category, or have any information about these historical certificates, please let us know and you'll be credited with helping make this community resource better.


19th Century to 1917

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1918 - 1933

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1934 - 1938

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1939 - 1945

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1948 - 1951

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Undated certificates

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We wish you, your family, loved ones and the people of Israel a peaceful, sweet and prosperous new year.

Shana Tova U Metukah!


Raquel Benzacar Savatti
Chief Executive Officer and the entire staff of Israel Bonds

Israel bonds must be held to maturity. Canada-Israel Securities, Limited disclaims the right to the exclusive use and registration of the Crest of Israel. This is not an offering. Investment amounts, interest rates and maturities available on all bonds will vary according to current offerings by the State of Israel. Rates, terms and bond issues as listed and/or advertised are subject to change or be discontinued without notice. As with any part of your financial plan, you should always consult with your financial advisor and/or accountant to ensure the plan is suitable for your situation. E/OE.

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