From the Global President & CEO

Building on Success

Israel Maimon
Israel Bonds Global President and CEO

Israel Maimon

The onset of 2019 represents a time to move forward with a new Israel Bonds agenda and to take inspiration from a year of exceptional success. Last year, the Bonds enterprise exceeded US $1 billion in global sales for the sixth consecutive year; realized record online sales in the United States of $63.5 million; and surpassed US $42.4 billion in global sales since the first bonds were issued in 1951.

In Canada, Israel bonds sales exceeded USD $113 million under the leadership of Canadian CEO, Raquel Benzacar Savatti: ‘One of the most important goals of Israel Bonds is to forge strong connections with as many people as possible. Connecting many thousands of our Canadian investors to Israel—Jews and friends of Israel alike—through Israel Bonds is a crucial part of our overall objectives. We look ahead to much success this year, including the launch of online sales in Canada’.

Internationally, Arnon Perlman has come on board as our Executive Director of International Sales and Operations for Europe and Latin America. Amongst many activities and initiatives across those regions, he will be overseeing our professional staff in Mexico, where Israel Bonds will be an official sponsor of the Macabeos Panamericanos Games in July.

These milestones reflect overt pride in Israel, as individuals from all walks of life joined in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the modern Jewish state. Israel at 70 was not just an occasion to reflect on the past; it was also an opportunity to look ahead to a future of boundless possibilities.

As we enter a new year, Israel’s potential does indeed seem to be without limits. Its game-changing tech sector continues to transform the world. International excitement over Startup Nation can be gauged by the fact that Israeli companies raised nearly $6.5 billion in investment capital in 2018, establishing a new record. Moreover, four of the 15 largest acquisitions in Israel’s history were made last year. Technology also played a key part in a year in which exports totaled $110 billion, yet another record.

Additionally, Israel’s 2018 GDP growth is expected to average 3.2 percent, and, while somewhat lower than 2017, this still ranks first among all OECD countries. It is a significant accomplishment that, at one time, would have seemed inconceivable.

All this, and so much more, springs forth from a land, that according to a survey published last year, ranked 100th on a list of the world’s 100 most populous countries.

Israel is also a nation that continues to welcome ever-growing numbers of admirers from throughout the world, more than 4 million of whom visited last year. With its awe-inspiring blend of ancient heritage, ever-present spirituality and forward-looking determination, it is unique among nations.

We are resolved to support this remarkable nation by achieving clearly-defined objectives. Israel Bonds will:

  • Establish 2019 as ‘The Year of the Lay Leader,’ expanding the Bonds leadership structure and enhancing and strengthening the relationship with existing leaders
  • Attain a new Global sales goal of over $1.1 billion
  • Reach out to new investors and facilitate ever-greater participation in our efforts
  • Encourage multi-generational investments in Israel bonds
  • Give clear expression to Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon’s declaration that “Israel Bonds defines the meaning of dependability”

I want to thank Israel Bonds leadership and Bonds staff at every level, for our shared achievements to date, and the successes to come throughout 2019.

Together, we can realize another outstanding year as we play a direct, personal role in perpetuating Israel’s extraordinary legacy of redefining what is possible.