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Israel Bonds Canada High Holy Day Campaign Resource Manual 2014 / 5775

A message from Rabbi Philip Scheim
National Rabbinic Chair, State of Israel Bonds Canada

Dear Friends of Israel,

This summer we have all felt the anxiety of events in Israel, whether close at hand during time spent in Israel, or whether from a distance, with our attention riveted to the insidious Hamas rocket attacks on Israel’s civilian population and the necessary and just Tzuk Eitan (Protective Edge) operation to restore quiet to Israel.

We have been disquieted by the unsurprising and yet troubling resurgence of anti-Semitism throughout the world, and the inability or refusal for most of the world’s media to see through the Hamas/Palestinian spin on what has transpired.

In light of these continuing challenging times, and in recognition of the courageous response of Israel’s leaders, of Zahal; Israel’s moral and determined armed forces, and of Israel’s civilian population, and in tribute to our heroic fallen and injured soldiers, our annual State of Israel Bonds High Holiday Campaign takes on added significance this year.

Many of those who will be in attendance at these coming High Holidays hearing our messages have family members and friends who chose to make aliyah, who left the relative security of North America to face the challenges of Jewish history on its front lines, in Israel.

Many of their children and grandchildren served literally on the front lines this summer, with their families holding their collective breath, praying for their return in safety, and for a successful outcome to a very difficult struggle.

Few of us at any point in our lives face decisions that confront a world leader, for which we are grateful. The world rarely hangs in the balance over the choices we make. None of us envied the decisions that confronted Prime Minister Netanyahu and his security cabinet during the very difficult days of “Protective Edge.” We respect and admire his leadership during that time, and his ability to make level-headed, rational, yet painful decisions that garnered the support of the vast majority of Israelis.

Even though most of our choices in life are not globally significant, they can have profound effect on those around us. What we do, or what we don’t do in a given situation can be of enormous consequence.

Perhaps one of the goals of the forthcoming High Holy Day season is to inspire us to make the decisions that are right for us, for our families, and for our people. Prominent on that list of appropriate decisions should be the purchase of State of Israel Bonds.

Wherever we sit on the spectrum of Jewish religious expression, our annual High Holiday State of Israel Bonds Campaign gives us the opportunity and the privilege of coming together to proclaim our undivided and undiminished love and admiration for Israel, and our support for our brothers and sisters, for our children in Israel, who are our family and our future.

With deep appreciation and warmest wishes for a sweet and fulfilling and peaceful 5775.

Rabbi Philip Scheim signature

Rabbi Philip Scheim
Beth David B’nai Israel Beth Am Congregation

National Rabbinic Chair
State of Israel Bonds Canada

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